Board of Equalization

Jackson County Board of Equalization
Mission Statement

The Jackson County Board of Equalization is an independent Board composed of citizen taypayers of Jackson County.  Its mission is to fully and fairly equalize the value of all real and tangible personal property in the county for purposes of taxation and to provide an appeal forum for taxpayers to correct perceived inequities in the assessment of value.  The Board strives to allow taxpayers an efficient,, public, unbiased, courteous and informative manner of addressing grievances surrounding the imposition of taxes by the county.

Missouri Revised Statutes require a board of equalization be formed in each county.  The Board of Equalization is an independent body, established pursuant to Missouri law, specifically chapter 138 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.  The board performs state-mandated functions relating to the review and equalization of property tax assessments, including the adjudicating of tax appeals.

While the board's members are appointed by officials of Jackson County and other local taxing jurisdictions, no other public official can control or direct the board's actions.

One member is appointed by the Mayor of the municipality to service one (1) year term where the property in question is located.

City of Oak Grove Member

Shane Stevens

Jackson County Board of Equalization