Permits and Applications

The Building Department will assist with different aspects of the building process such as; helping new developments in the community, plan review, issuing of permits, and building inspections.  We are here to ensure the citizens of Oak Grove and its visitors that the development and construction in our town meets all of the building and development codes the City has adopted.  You can visit with us for anything from building a play house in the back yard to developing a 500-home subdivision or even building a commercial shopping mall.  This section includes information and application forms for various permits, with a few exceptions, permits are required for the projects listed in the margin to the left.

If you have a particular question about a project, please feel free to contact Justin Petray Building Official at 816-690-3773 ext 1007.

Please be aware all general contractors and subcontractors are required to pull separate permits by City Code for the Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical portions of the build as well as have a City of Oak Grove business license.