Public Records Request

What Records Are

The City Clerk’s Office manages the legislative history of the City, and maintains and preserves official City documents and records in accordance with Federal and State legal mandates and local policies.

The Missouri Sunshine Law provides that most records maintained by public entities are open for inspection and/or copy by individuals.

Commonly requested records include ordinances, resolutions, minutes from open meetings, and budgets. Questions regarding open records should be directed to the City Clerk’s Office, 816-690-3773, ext. 1004.

Public Record Exceptions

The Missouri Sunshine Law recognizes that some records contain information that is private in nature. For this reason, the Act lists a number of exceptions for records that are closed, including:

  • Legal actions, causes of action or litigation (except that votes, minutes and settlement agreements must be opened to the public on final disposition, unless ordered closed by a court).
  • Leasing, purchase or sale of real estate where public knowledge might adversely affect the amount paid in the transaction.
  • Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting a particular employee.
  • Welfare cases of identifiable individuals.
  • Software codes for electronic data processing.
  • Individually identifiable personnel records.
  • Records related to existing or proposed security systems.
  • Records that are protected from disclosure by other laws.

Applicable Fees

The Missouri Sunshine Law authorizes public agencies to charge fees for providing access to or furnishing copies of public records. This fee - a minimum of $0.10 per page - may be requested in advance and may include the cost of staff time required to make the information available as well as the cost of copying or reproducing the records.


Public Records Request FormHow to Request a Record

Step 1:

Check with the records custodian to determine whether or not the information you need is available.

Step 2:

Submit your request for information in writing or fill out the Public Records Request Form which can also be obtained at City Hall. Make sure your request is as specific as possible so that it may be filled quickly and completely.

Step 3:

Most records will be produced within three (3) business days from the time the request is received. If the request must be delayed or denied, you will receive a written explanation for the delay or denial within three business days.

Why Would My Request Be Delayed or Denied?

Although every attempt will be made to provide the information requested in a timely manner, some requests may be delayed or denied if:

  • The request is unclear and should be submitted in more detail.
  • Legal issues must be addressed before the records are released.
  • The requested records are archived or stored off site.
  • The volume of records requested is large and will take time to duplicate.
  • The requested records do not exist.
  • The requested records are exempt from disclosure by law.
  • The established fee has not yet been collected.