Garage Sales

Oak Grove has two city wide garage sales each year.  Typically one in the spring, the last Saturday in April; and one in  the fall, on the Saturday after Labor Day in September.  Please contact Celeste Barrett 816-716-6803 or mail your address to PO Box 268, Oak Grove, MO 64075 to have your garage sale added to the list.

You may have a garage sale on other dates but here are a few guidelines to follow when having a garage sale in Oak Grove.  Garage sales are a short-term sale of used household items and no permit is required to hold a garage sale.  You should not have more than 2 sales per year and not more than 3 days at a time.

Standards for placement of garage sale signs are enforced and are necessary for the safety of all of the citizens in our community.  These standards allow people active with garage sales the opportunity to display or advertise their sales while keeping the community attractive and respecting other's property who are not involved in these types of sales.  When placing your signs follow these basic guidelines:

  • Three (3) residential garage sale signs will be permitted; two (2) may be off-property with permission of the property owner where the sign is displayed. These signs may be displayed only during the hours that the advertised activity is to take place and must be a self-supporting type sign and must be removed immediately after the sale.
  • Only signs are allowed.  Make signs sturdy with large bold and easy to read address so it can be seen from a vehicle.  Limit additional information as it is hard to read and may cause an accident.
  • No signs are to be placed on street signs, utility poles or free standing within the street or highway right-of-way areas.  Your own garage sale sign on your right-of-way is not a problem.  Areas where no sidewalk is present, a distance of at least 10 feet from the edge of the street should be free of signs.

Remember:  Any signs placed on property you do not own or have permission to use could be removed. The garage sale standards are in effect seven days a week and signs placed inappropriately are subject to removal.  Violations for these regulations are enforced through the municipal court process.

Thank you for your cooperation.  For questions concerning these standards contact the code enforcement department at 816-690-3773 ext. 1006, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.