Backflow Information

Backflow Prevention Importance

Per Missouri Department of National Resources (DNR) and Section 700.300 of the City Code, if your facility or home has a backflow prevention assembly installed on the main service line the assembly should be tested annually.  A list of qualified backflow assembly testers for this area are listed in the green margin on the left.  The tester will provide you with a copy of the test report (also listed in the green margin on the left) and should forward a copy of the completed test report to the City of Oak Grove at  Please include your water account number and location on the report as well as the other requested information.

The backflow prevention assembly protects the public drinking water supply from the potential of a reversal in the normal direction of water flow, referred to as “backflow”.   Backflow can result in the contamination of the entire water system.

The assembly can be installed at the water meter or inside the location called “premise isolation” for the protection of the public drinking water supply.   It does not provide protection against any internal plumbing hazards that may exist within your facility or premise.  

Thank you for helping protect your community’s drinking water supply.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your backflow at 816-690-3773 ext 1008 or

Backflow Preventor Example

backflow preventor