What will happen if I have a code violation?

If you receive a notice of code violation, correct the violations listed on the notice promptly.  The Codes Officer will notify you of the violation and provide you a specific time frame to comply.  These time frames are determined by code.  If you need additional time, please contact the Codes Officer in the letter.  If circumstances prevent your ability to make the corrections, an extension of time may be granted.  Our goal is to achieve voluntary compliance through communication and cooperation.  If compliance is not achieved, the Codes Officer can take additional action either through abatement of the violation with the cost being assessed to the property or through a summons in Municipal Court.  If you are issued a summons, you will be given an arraignment date to appear in court and have the opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty.  The Municipal Court Judge will determine guilt or innocence and the appropriate penalty.

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